Cats are cool. Their litter is not. And so while we enjoy their company, nobody really wants to clean up their mess. The litter, the odor, the urine...all of that stinks, right? Luckily, you can buy an automatic cat litter box that can save you from this unpleasant experience. A self cleaning litter box works just like your regular toilet flush, only, it is meant for your cat. You do not need to scoop out bits of litter manually, once you install the automatic cat box. You and your pet can enjoy each other’s company more often.


But what should you look for in an automated cat litter box? What features should it have? Is it safe for your cat? What about the odour and space it will take? There may be a thousand questions like these in your mind right now. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Once you go through our automatic litter box reviews, and our buying guide, you will have enough information to pick the best automatic litter box for your cat. But first let us check out your options for an automatic cat box.

Automated Cat Litter Box - Types

When it comes to an automatic kitty litter box, you have different types of products each with its own merits and demerits.

Open Automatic Cat Box

The open litter box is usually the cheapest solution you have. These boxes are uncovered, and have a sensor that activates when the cat comes out. The litter is then collected into an additional storage which can be manually emptied after a few days. While they are simple and easy to use, there are some drawbacks that you will want to consider.

First, the odour control is not great, as the box is open. And if your cat likes privacy, this is not the product for you. You can cover this box up with a cardboard, but your cat deserves better treatment, doesn’t it?

Fully covered Litter Box

And so we bring your attention to the fully covered litter box. Built for privacy. The best part is great odour control. So both you and your cat are happy. One thing you would want to consider is that it compromises on the room for movement, and your cat needs to be okay with confined spaces, before you go and get one of these. And of course, it will cost you more money than the uncovered litter box.

Flush type Litter Box

It is probably every cat owner’s dream to have one of these. It works just like your toilet! Press the flush button, and voila! All the dirty work is done. These litter boxes are as automated as you are going to get. While they are super convenient to use, they also lie on the high end of the money line. You also need to connect it to your waste drainage. Although the initial cost is high, you will get the most comfort after the installation.

Self Cleaning Litter Box with Optional Cover

The final type of litter boxes uses the best of both open and fully covered boxes. While the heavier solid litter is collected at the bottom which can be emptied occasionally, the liquid waste is absorbed in disposable trays. The optional cover allows you to use it the way you want - either open or covered. As for the odour, it does a decent job controlling it.

Product Dimension:
26.8 x 24.4 x 29.1 inches
4.3 Star Rating
Product Dimension:
24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches
3.9 Star Rating
Product Dimension:
23.5 x 21.2 x 10.5 inches
3.7 Star Rating
Product Dimension:
28.5 x 20.5 x 11.5 inches
3.9 Star Rating
Product Dimension:
17.7 x 9.8 x 24.8 inches
3.4 Star Rating
Product Dimension:
26.5 x 16.9 x 7.6 inches
3.1 Star Rating
Product Dimension:
26 x 19 x 10 inches
3.2 Star Rating
Product Dimension:
28.1 x 10.1 x 17.6 inches
3.6 Star Rating

Top Automatic Litter Box Reviews

Depending on your budget and the type of litter box you want, there are several great alternatives available on the market. Coming in uninformed about what you are looking for can cause you to waste your money on the wrong product. We have done the hard work for you. Below you will find our reviews of the best and most popular performers in the litter box category and make an informed decision.


1. Litter Robot III Open Air


The front runner in this category, there is little competition for the Litter Robot. The only reason you should look for other products is if it does not fit your budget. For everything else, this is the best self cleaning litter box you can own. It is durable and requires very little maintenance. The odor control is awesome, and there’s an automatic night light in this spacious litter box. A 90-Day money back guarantee and an 18-month warranty make this product irresistible.


If your cat is heavy, this automatic kitty litter box is a great choice. You can also use it with multiple cats. You can adjust the cycle timer and the control panel lockout prevents kids and cats from accidentally pressing buttons. With the new drawer full indicator this automatic cat litter box tells you when it is time to empty the drawer. Just watch out for the flashing blue light.

Another new feature is the 8 hour sleep mode. Activate this, and the automation turns down for a period of 8 hours during which you can manually operate it when needed. A nice feature to have when you do not want any disturbances, just because your cat had a nature’s call.


2. CatGenie Self-flushing Litter Box

At #2, we have the CatGenie automatic kitty litter box. You can not have a product that is more automated than this. It comes with washable granules to give your cats the satisfaction of digging to cover their litter. It can flush the waste away at the touch of a button, just like your own toilet. You do need to connect it to a cold water line and your waste disposal system.

This product is not suitable for big cats. The cartridge is biodegradable, and can be easily disposed of. You can install this litter box in your laundry room or bathroom easily, as it doesn’t require much space. There is a 10 hour sleep time on automation and yes, they give you a two year warranty on this product.



3. Omega Paws

Nothing ever is completely automatic. Omega Paws seem to understand this, and so they bring a blend of automation and manual work, that cuts the cost drastically. So, if you are on a budget, give this litter box a try. It is sufficiently large for big or multiple cats, and can be assembled easily. The litter is collected into a pull out tray which can be cleaned occasionally. This litter box does not use electricity, rather cleans itself by rolling to the right and back. While other products can cost you hundreds of dollars, you can get the Omega Paws litter box for less than $30. And that is backed with a solid one year warranty. Definitely worth your attention.



4. Scoopfree Ultra

The Scoopfree Ultra lives upto its name. Get this product and you will have to do almost no scooping! It’s raking mechanism helps in superior odor control and the crystal litter makes urine get absorbed better. It also comes with a health counter that tells you how many times your cat uses the box. If your cat loves privacy, this auto litter box comes with a hood that also helps in reducing litter spread. And did I mention it is super easy to use? The only con that we found with this product is that it is not suitable for multiple cats and may smell if overused.



5. Littermaid LM86579

At #5 is an auto litter box best suited for large cats or multiple cat homes. There is no timer though, and it automatically starts cleaning as soon as the cat exits the box. Some people like to get rid of odor as soon as possible, and if that sounds like you, this might be the right fit for you. It is super easy to use, and the extra high walls do not allow the litter to fall out of the box. If you choose to buy this product, make sure you get hard clumping litter.


Worthy Alternatives

The top 5 products on our list are among the best automatic litter boxes out there, but if you are still looking for something else that is more suited to your needs and fits your budget, then check out these other great products.


Pet Zone Smart Scoop

A reliable and quiet open litter box with odour absorbing carbon zeolite filter and a one year warranty.



PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box

An easy to assemble and clean product that keeps the noise down and does its work without disturbing your cat. It has a one year warranty. Not recommended for use with bulky cats.


Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Litter Box

Can be used with more than one cats. You get the ability to set the delay after the cat exits the litter box for scooping. There is no cover though.


Automated Cat Litter Box Buying Guide

We are different and so are our pets. There is no universal solution for everyone.

When looking to buy an auto litter box, you have to keep several factors in mind. There are several questions you need to ask:


  • How big is your cat? How frequently does it use the litter box?

  • How does your cat feel about privacy?

  • Do you have many cats in your household?

  • How much automation do you really need? The more you go for, the more you pay.

  • How much space can you afford?

  • And then the big question - What is your current budget?


Every type of litter box has its own requirements. For example, you need a cold water line for the CatGenie litter box. While it is easy to go with the popular opinion, you may end up paying for features you don’t really need or getting a product that doesn’t fit your requirements.


So, consider all factors before making your choice. Below is a video that shows the working and best features of most popular litter boxes.



Our pets need our care. We need to provide them food and take care of their daily duties. Most important of all, they need our time and our undivided attention. That’s what makes them happy around us, and they in turn, shower us with their love.

But today everyone has a busy life. And I’m sure, you have one too. I also know that between scooping out your cat’s litter and playing with her, you would always pick the latter. That’s why an automatic cat litter box is so important these days. It gives you more time with your cat.

We suggest you go with the Litter Robot III, but you can pick anyone from the items listed above and you will enjoy an odour free, litter free home with a happy cat. We have written these automatic litter box reviews with careful research, so you will not go wrong with these products. By all means do your own research too, before you make your decision. And while you do that, keep this in mind. Your cat needs you, not a litter attendant!